Ice Cream

With PDO Green Pistachio from Bronte.
As an Italian protected designation of origin (PDO) product, the P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte, the "green gold", is cultivated in small volcanic soils in the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla on the sunny island of Sicily, with an extremely limited production. Bronte pistachios are known for their characteristic flavour, bright green colour, and unique organoleptic properties that are intimately linked to their place of origin.
The Pistachio Gelato is prepared with the P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte paste that gives the product an intense aroma and its natural and typical grey green colour. It is decorated by hand with PDO Green Pistachio Bronte grains)
A simple but delicious product, made only with 6 ingredients.
This product obtained from DNV-GL the ISO 22005 certificate, which guarantees the origin of the raw materials.

GelatoMadre is a high-quality Gelato line going back to the essence of taste. A “clean-label” Gelato, made with natural ingredients carefully selected by G7 to offer its customers an authentic and genuine tasting experience.

  • Flavourings free
  • Stabilizers free
  • Emulsifiers free
  • Colourings free
  • Thickeners free
  • Gluten free

Size: 800ml – 450g
Other flavours available (same range):

  • Buontalenti (custard)
  • Majani Extra Dark Chocolate, made with carenero superior from Venezuela cocoa
  • Cremino Fiat Majani, 4- layer gelato with hazelnut and almond paste
  • Fior Di Latte, made with high quality fresh whole milk and cream from the Italian alps


G7 S.r.l
G7 begins its production in the small Gelato laboratory of our grandfather Guglielmo. Today, G7 is a modern, certified company located close to Bologna still run by the same family.
We recreate the value of the original artisan craft on our production lines, filling and decorating most of our tubs by hand.
We carefully select superior quality raw ingredients such as P.G.I. Piedmont hazelnuts, P.D.O Bronte Pistachio, HQ fresh milk, essential to preserving the unique taste of our Gelato. The quality of our Gelato has been recognized also by experts and professionals that rewarded us with prestigious international prizes.
Since the very beginning, we have been strong promoters of quality, transparency and innovation as a way of meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding and attentive consumer.
We continue to invest in research and development, not just with a view to expanding our product range, but also to adapting to the latest safety protocols.
Moreover, we made our commitment to the environment an integral part of our mission by selecting packaging and product innovations that create mutual benefit for both consumers and planet.
We currently export G7 and Siviero Maria brands, both inspired by our family history, to more than 60 countries.
We offer to our customers GLUTEN FREE Gelato in different sizes (from mini cups 150ml with spoon under the lid to foodservice tub 4,750L).
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