Dried Fruits

On the go snack
Freeze-dried berries are a healthy snack, comfortable to take everywhere you go, and taste great!

  • With smoothies
    Cocktails and smoothies will gain an expressive pleasant taste of summer berries.
  • With cereal, porridges
    Freeze dried berries make regular breakfast a delicacy.
  • With yogurt
    Do you like yogurt? Try it with freeze-dried strawberries - the aroma will surprise you!
  • With confectionery
    Decorate your cakes for the exclusive look.
  • With drinks
    The crispiness and friability of freeze-dried berries will go together with any drink you choose.
“Geld Baltic” Supergarden
We are manufacturing company "Supergarden", we manufacture and supply highest quality freeze-dried products worldwide.
Supergarden offers the widest assortment of freeze-dried products. They are available in organic and conventional quality and different forms: whole, slices, pieces, powder. Freeze dried products lose nothing but water during freeze-drying, their taste, smell, and shape remain the same. Nearly all nutrients are also saved!
Freeze-dried powders are made only from whole berries or fruits. We do not use juice, puree or left dust from process, to get the highest quality as it is the main "Supergarden" focus.
Also we are innovative company and have invented “Bites”, natural snack from various freeze-dried berries, fruits, vegetables blended with luxurious cocoa butter and pure form of protein. It's a healthy addition to anyone's’ diet as it is dairy free and gluten free, has no added sugars, preservatives, or additives! Perfect for people who prefer healthy snacking and likes outdoor activities.
All Supergarden products are 100% natural, are non-GMO, has no additives, no preservatives. Supergarden meets international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 and is certified with USDA organic and European organic food certificate.
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