The company, attentive to sustainability and to environmental well-being, obtained organic certification for the entire production process from QCertificazioni in 2017.
(Authorization n°100673).
Virtuosa Bio came to be after meticulous selection and research of the best organic arabica sources available.
The result is an exclusive union of coffee that offers an elegant blend characterized by an intense flavour and clear notes of dark chocolate and red fruits.
Available in 1kg packs of grain coffee, and 250 gr packs in grains and grounded.

Giuliano Caffè
Giuliano Caffè is an Italian artisanal high quality coffee roaster, active since 1950 in the Ho.Re.Ca and retail gourmet market.
Our coffees come along with a very appealing accessories line for the Ho.Re.Ca market. All high quality Made in Italy products specifically created to turn the coffee moment into an emotion.  
Besides, at our academy Giuliano Coffee School, we train baristas and partners into the science behind coffee. At our headquarters in Caluso we offer professional courses of Latte Art, Brewing and Barista skills.
In 2014, in the heart of San Salvario in Turin, we founded Orso Laboratorio Caffè. We started our Specialty Coffee Shop to introduce to the Italian market the Specialty Coffee and alternative brewing methods.
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