HealthyCo Smooth Hazelnut and cocoa spread, a healthier version of the classic hazelnut-cream.
No palm-oil, no added sugar and with higher protein content from whey-protein.
The Perfect spread on your sandwich or great in baking! Anytime you want something really yummy but less unhealthy!
Our classic hazelnut Proteinella is a delicious spread. With its smooth and creamy taste, it is hard to really believe we do not use any added sugar. And it even gets better, no palm oil is used.
We just love hazelnuts. The buttery taste of the nuts is so delicious we wanted to share our hero item with others.
Hazelnuts are relatively quick and easy to grow, they do not require as much space as other nut trees, and they produce sweet, delicious nuts. The first hazelnut crop is usually small. After a couple of seasons, the bounty will grow! A mature tree can produce 25 pounds of nuts in one season and will continue to produce for about 50 years.
Harvesting takes very little effort. Since the nuts drop from the tree as they ripen, all you must do is collect them from the ground.
So, go ahead, get a jar of Proteinella as soon as you can and indulge without any conscious feelings.
Store in room temperature.

We are a young, agile, Swedish company that practice what it preaches. Since 2012, the company’s founders have taken an interest in functional, tasty, healthy – preferably protein- enriched products. Our motto is “If we consume it ourselves, we want to share it with others.”
First Class Brands of Sweden´s  business idea is based on identifying products and product categories that show a positive trend and strong growth potential among a few, strong suppliers. This approach enables FCB to develop the right product and create an alternative to an existing big seller – but with more flavour and a more impactful design. This means First Class Brands of Sweden introduces a product into the relevant category with unique selling points. The trend towards healthier living and the demand for healthier foodstuffs is on a constant upward curve. It is therefore First Class Brands of Sweden intention to supply the market with pleasurable, protein-enriched, and healthier products for supermarkets, convenience stores and hotels, restaurants & cafés (HORECA).
The HealthyCo brand is a concept from us, to produce and distribute nutritious alternatives to the current commodities offering. HealthyCo meets demands of a modern and aware consumer who has organic farming, health and functional nutrition on their agenda – but who at the same time is price conscious and doesn’t not necessarily think that good food needs to be expensive.
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