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The Crescia sfogliata, typical of the Montefeltro area, is composed of flour, eggs, water, lard, salt and pepper. All raw materials are organic and Italian origin.
The puff pastry obtained with the rolling pin is greased with lard pork. After, it is rolled on itself until it forms a spiral. It is left to rest for a whole night in the fridge and stretch in the shape of a disc.
Once cooked, it takes the characteristic puff pastry, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
It is typically eaten hot with cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables but it is also suitable for sweet tastes.
To cook your crescia fragrant and tasty, heat up in a non-stick pan, grill pan for 2 minutes per side or in oven for 5 minutes at 180°. Do not add oil or fat and do not heat up in microwave oven.
Allergens: The Crescia sfogliata contains gluten and eggs.  It may contain traces of soy, lupine. Does not contain added preservative.
Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Refrigerate at temperature from 0 to +4°C.

Il Panaro Food srl
Il PANARO FOOD Srl boasts a tradition dates back to 1982, when Giacomini’s family, started the production of fresh pasta and Cresce Sfogliate in a small shop.
Now, the Italian company has 20 EMPLOYEES, it produces Piadine and Cresce sfogliate in an artisanal way and can ensure safe and healthy production thanks to the use of technological tools and machinery.
The company works with HO.RE.CA, supermarkets, restaurants and it is certified IFS food and BIO. The best product is the Crescia sfogliata:  it is a typical product of Marche region and it is made with flour, eggs, water, pork lard, salt and pepper. This is very fast and simple to cook. One needs only a pan, oven or grill to heat up the product and then fill it in with cheese, cold cuts and different kinds of vegetables.
Alternatively, Crescia or Piadina can be used like bread.
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