For this very special creation, we joined forces with a renowned birch sap producers Nordic Koivu, from our neighbouring village. Based on our classic Vodka, this special spirit is diluted using the finest locally produced organic birch sap.

Tasting notes: a lovely silky and oily mouthfeel, with subtle floral and woody notes. This is rounded, sweet and balanced. A late pinch of white pepper adds warmth and further depth.

Kalevala Distillery
The Kalevala Distillery was founded in 2012 by Moritz next to his maternal home in easternmost Finland.
A childhood in Germany, with frequent visit to his mother´s home in Finland developed a keen interest in Finland and Finnish culture. Already in childhood, the history of the maternal homestead as a renowned bootlegging center in the era of prohibition in the 1930´s aroused an unconscious interest for the world of spirits.
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