Using our London Dry Gin as the base for this gin, the real magic takes place here after the distillation. Prior to blending with water, the distillate is transferred to a vessel in which it is married with real cranberries and bilberries for a full two weeks. This marriage (or maceration) gives our Ruby Gin its distinct fruity and yet dry taste as well as its color. Once the time is up, the distillate is filtered prior to being blended with water from our own well to drinking strength.

Kalevala Distillery
The Kalevala Distillery was founded in 2012 by Moritz next to his maternal home in easternmost Finland.
A childhood in Germany, with frequent visit to his mother´s home in Finland developed a keen interest in Finland and Finnish culture. Already in childhood, the history of the maternal homestead as a renowned bootlegging center in the era of prohibition in the 1930´s aroused an unconscious interest for the world of spirits.
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