Kullamust Apple

Apple Juice made with selected apples that have been cold pressed and bottled.
Kullamust Apple is available in 630ml and 250ml bottles.

Kullabygdens Musteri AB
The plant of the Swedish company is located in Southern Sweden, right on the Kulla peninsula in Skåne. Since 1929, the producer has proudly maintained and developed the tradition of making natural and fine clear apple juice, which in Sweden is called “apple must” and is a high-quality soft drink.
Currently the products are listed in all the big supermarket chains in Sweden, as well as in HoReCa and has several options of packaging which makes it easy to adapt depending on the user.
The whole range of drinks contains only carefully selected apples that are pressed, filtered and eventually bottled and ready for consumption. Nothing is added to the process: the products are free from additives like sugar, preservatives or colouring. The result is a pure clear apple juice. Even if nothing is added the shelf life is 18 months and the products can be stored in room temperature during the entire shelf life. On top of the apple must the company also has a range of other soft drinks with flavours of rhubarb and raspberry.
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