Granola & Breakfast Cereals

In La Newyorkina, we think that food with "Soul" tastes better, and sometimes a marvellous artist is our inspiration for a new granola.
Our chocolate is a sourced from the “Alto el Sol” plantation
Furthermore, it helps to conserve the Rio Abiseo National Park in Peru and the tropical rainforest too.

  • Individual Bag Doypack format. ZIPPER self-closing. Without window. Aluminium inside for conservation.

Nutrition information language English, French, German, Spanish Boxes

  • 16 units (34.5 x 22 x 20 cm), 4.4 Kg
  • 40 units (45 x 30 x 25 cm), 11 Kg


  • 50 boxes (European pallet), 220 Kg
La Newyorkina
We are pioneers in the manufacture of handmade Granola in Spain.
Our Granola is a first quality product with a Mediterranean touch of extra virgin olive oil, it's elaborated handmade in Spain keeping the original recipe. La Newyorkina family products is constantly growing because of our ability to reach every type of consumer. We have many flavours, varieties and sizes, such as:
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