The varieties are harvested and vinified separately. We work with cold paste, soft pressing, musts selection. Once the fermentation is finished, we blend the wines of the different varieties. Second fermentation in bottle at low temperature to have a slow fermentation and aging until getting the optimum point of balance between freshness and creaminess.

Lacrima Baccus
The Lacrima Baccus brand was recognized in 1960 for its television commercials and high demand
But it all begins with the history of the Cavas Lavernoya which was founded in 1890 by the Raventos Poch family, which gave it honor to its name by the Anoya River and its tributary Laverno LAVERNOYA
Thus, they planted their vines with the varieties Xarello and Macabeo with American vine species to prevent phylloxera from affecting their development. Shortly after the first appearances of brand recognition, It was the crisis of 1973 which affected the sale of the property and the brand to another company of large winemakers, which unfortunately caused the brand to decay almost in a dive, until in July 1998 two families decided to bet on it and give it international recognition thus opening between the markets of the USA, Japan, Australia and most European countries.
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