Mignola monovarietal is an extra virgin olive oil with a intensely fruity extra virgin olive oil.

To the taste: From the Mignola we obtain an oil with a high content of polyphenols and with an intense fruity taste. As soon as it is put in the mouth, there is a hint of berries with strong sensations of bitterness, spicy in the throat and an aftertaste of artichoke.

At the sight: Mignola gives its maximum expression if harvested at the right degree of ripeness. An oil for connoisseurs with an intense green color is obtained.

In the kitchen: It is an ideal oil to give flavor to dishes, therefore for bruschetta, soups, pasta and beans, chickpeas, grilled meat, cooked and raw vegetables. Try it with pinzimonio (fennel, radishes and carrots) and it will be a real pleasure.

The AFM Azienda Faunistica Marche is part of one of the most important Italian agricultural complexes: the Vallesina. The company was founded in 2003 as a breeding ground for restocking game (pheasants, partridges, rock partridges and quails) and in 2006 it expanded its business by planting olive trees and building an oil mill, for company use only, which came into operation in the October of 2011.
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