Dried Fruits

Technically almond is the seed, not the fruit, of the almond. From the many varieties of almonds in our territory, the most known are: tuono, ferragnes and Tessitora almonds. Another difference is that of sweet and bitter almonds. 

Sweet almonds contain unsaturated fats, proteins, mineral salts, and vitamins in particular vitamin and, in addition, they contain magnesium which is a real touch for the nervous system. 

Almond can be natural and peeled and constitutes a fundamental ingredient in kitchen, particularly in pastry; it is an important product that is part of the mediterranean diet.

Mandorlificio Monsic
Monsic mandorlificio was born in 2000 from antonio schifano's idea, who, thanks to his tenacity and constant commitment, has managed to enhance the typical products of its territory so as to give the name to his company, Monsic
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