Alc 4,5% vol - 500 ml
Unfiltered Brewer’s Organic Yövesi Dark Lager is a nut-brown and velvety smooth beer which will charm your taste buds. The charismatic nature of this beer is shaped by the caramel-like and slightly roasted aromas, together with flavourful maltiness.


MBH Breweries Oy
MBH Breweries, founded in 2016, represents the best of Finnish craft drinks. The family business includes our personal and traditional microbreweries Malmgård Brewery and Saimaa Brewing Company. Saimaa Brewing Company is a nimble and constantly developing microbrewery on the shores of Lake Saimaa, which creates some of the world’s most pristine taste experiences – honestly and boldly using solar energy...
Saimaa Brewing Company is one of Finland’s oldest still operating microbreweries. Our roots extend back to 1995. A dash of nostalgia, the courage to dream and the boldness to point the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow – we are all these things. This is more than just a way of working, it’s a way of life.
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