Energy Bars

MelliGEL is based on pure honey blended with raw freeze-dried fruits, herbal extracts and Himalayan salt. It is raw and free from additives or allergens. MelliGEL is the first 100% organic energy gel certified by Informed Sport (testing every batch in accordance with WADA’s list of banned substances) proven suitable for professional athletes.

Our product is a proof that high energy boost, craved by athletes and active people, can be achieved in the humble natural way by using clean, raw and natural food sources instead of chemical stimulants. 

New product concept

- Natural taste: Energy gels are used by sports people as stimulants and flavor comes second. Flavoring is usually artificial and although they work as energy booster, they are not tasty. The true taste of MelliGEL comes from its natural and raw ingredients. 
- Better utilization of energy: Regularly energy gels are based on maltodextrin, which has negative side effects for the microbiome in prolonged use, and maltodextrin is simply a glucose. However, honey is a natural combination of glucose and fructose, which enhances utilization and ensures prolonged endurance.
- Additional health benefits: Honey and the other superfood ingredients also act as immune stimulants, which support faster recovery after prolonged exercise or other stressful activities. 

Benefit to the trade

MelliGEL is a mighty alternative to the established energy gels. It expands the portfolio of the drug retailer with this organic and healthy nutrition, suitable for people involved in sports or other energetic activities. 

Benefit to the consumer

MelliGEL provides clean and fast nutrition for sports and endurance activities. It is sustainable functional food, which provides fast energy from reliable source. It stimulates immunity as honey and the other ingredients are raw and healthy. Plus it tastes fresh & natural compared to competitive products, which are all artificially flavored.


Mellifera Ltd. produces pure honey and honey-based products, which are distributed on worldwide markets. Our honey is sourced from few specially selected bio apiaries situated at best unpolluted regions of Bulgaria. The superfoods, which we add to the honey, are bio certified as well –freeze-dried fruits, raw cacao powder, and various herbal extracts. Our honey-based spreads are healthy alternative to jams or chocolate cream, as they are free from lactose, gluten, artificial flavoring, GMO and added sugar.
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