Digestion is a blend of 8 herbs that offers a unique experience thanks to Moly’s global innovation - it replaces the classic string of the tea bag with the stem of the Greek herb “Sideritis” - and thanks to its diligent blending of the herbs.

Every product is handmade as a human touch is needed for the herbs to be handled with care and to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Its 8 herbs are placed in the tea bag, held together with the stem of the mountain tea herb. In this way, after pouring hot water into the cup, you can stir the tea bag by holding the mountain tea stem that is handpicked from the most ancient mountain of Greece,  Mount Olympus – the mountain of the Gods - letting all aromas blend in and awakening all FIVE senses in you:
TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, HEARING, SIGHT. Digestion herbal tea consists of herbs that are traditionally known to be beneficial to the digestive system. Ideal before and after meals. Contains, in varying proportions:  Mt. Olympus ironwort, Dittany of Crete, Chamomile, Fennel seeds, Magnolia berries, Carob, Liquorice, Ginger. 10 pieces - Net Weight 29g (10 x 2,90g) e


MOLY the mythic antidote
MΩLY, the mythic antidote is a traditional family company based in Greece that produces organic herbal teas.
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