Our Vùlture label is the oil from Basilicata Region, southern Italy.

The extra virgin olive oil of the Vulture deriving entirely from organic farming crops: the best expression of cultivars that are typical of the region and find their ideal environment in the volcanic soil. The intrinsic qualities of the cultivation method, together with the manual picking and extraction method, confer the oil an elegant character, which offers a harmonious balance of the
herbaceous notes with pleasantly spicy ones.

Oleifici Masturzo
The Oleifici Masturzo is a company that originated in the late 1800s when the Masturzo family began producing olive oil, wine, and cheeses in Sorrento Peninsula in southern Italy. In 1913, the Oleifici Masturzo company was officially established and has since dedicated over a century to producing and selecting high-quality extra virgin olive oils and seed oils. The name "Oleifici" translates to "oil mill”, while "Masturzo" represents the family's surname. Currently, the business is managed by the fifth and sixth generations of the Masturzo family. 

Oleifici Masturzo is a renowned company specializing in olive oil production and sales, including extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, and various vegetable oils. Our innovative approach is evident through our pioneering olive farm, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like IoT. Every aspect of plant growth is meticulously monitored and managed, with precise water distribution and tailored nutritional requirements. This interconnected system optimizes production and enables a remarkable density of 1500 to 1900 olives per hectare.
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