Cold pressed organic / bio BRAZIL NUT OIL is great source of vitamins, selenium, fatty acids and other trace elements. SELENIUM rejuvenates cells, is anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity. 

For FOOD industry it is great for cold dishes (fruit and vegetable salads), dressings or as a baguette dip. For COSMETICS it is excellent as a skin oil, an ingredient for creams, shampoos and serums. 

Products from Brazil nuts are SUSTAINABLE as they grow in the wild nature, they create an economical value and though people protect those areas with Brazil nuts. By consuming Brazil nut products, you directly protect the Amazon rainforest.

Para Food
Para Food is since 2018 an associated company of a producer in Bolivia, Green Forest Products S.A, and imports organic food products in bulk from Bolivian Amazon and Andes and distributes them in the EU from Prague, Czechia and in the USA and Asia directly from Bolivia. Our bestsellers are: Brazil nut oil, Brazil nut flour, Brazil nut broken (1,2,5), Dragon's blood (croton lechleri), copaibo (oleoresin).
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