Organic immunity is a mix of rosehip and apple NFC juices. NFC juice means it is not from concentrate, but pressed directly from the fruits. Rosehip juice is well-known for its natural content of vitamin C - 450 mg in 100 ml, which comes from pressed rosehips. Addition of apple juice makes the juice for suitable for kids, but it can be used as well by adults. There is 67% of rosehip juice and 33% of apple juice. 

All fruits are grown by local, organic farmers in Poland, they are handpicked fresh and then pressed into the juice. Such a simple process is responsible for the high quality of the juice. Each batch of the product is checked for the content of vitamin C, which we declare on the product label. 

Polska Roza specializes in production of high quality NFC juices, as well as functional beverages. Natural vitamin C is very important for human body, it strengthens the immune system. Our products have EU-organic certification. 

Polska Róża
Polska Róża is a family-owned manufacturer of NFC fruit juices (NFC = not from concentrate), rose petals preserves, jams and syrups, with tradition since year 1979. Our mission is to produce high-quality juices with health-promoting properties.
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