The Biofavole tomato passata is a tomato puree made with 100% Italian organic tomatoes, tomatoes are cultivated by the same farm. It is ideal to be used as tomato sauce on pasta or as ingredient in other dishes. It is ready to use, is obtained from the processing of
handpicked Kero and Tales ripe tomatoes, cooked and passed, without seeds and skin. It is without colouring or preservatives, without added salt or sugar and gluten free.
It is also available in other variants: tomato passata with carrot, celery and onion; tomato passata with basil; tomato passata with aubergines; tomato passata with peppers.
It is available in different bottles: 200g, 420g, 700g
After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 4-5 days. Expiration from date of manufacture: 2 years.