Other Vegetable Products

Fresh field grown, hand-picked aubergines and courgettes from the South of France.
Provencal style recipe: cooked with less tomato and a more pronounced flavour of herbs.
Delicious as an accompaniment or can be used as the base for a recipe.

Born in the sunshine at the heart of the Roussillon plain, we promote and protect local organic fruit and vegetable growers.
It’s out of respect for nature and our customers that we carefully cook and prepare vegetables, dishes and sauces. In total, there are a hundred products sold exclusively through organic store outlets.
We started dreaming of a better world over 50 years ago by being more respectful of our land and customers.
Using fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides or synthetic chemical fertilizers also makes for healthier and better-tasting products.
So, we made the choice of local and organic farming using partner farmers and cooperatives whom we know. We carefully prepare our ingredients from the harvest to the kitchen. We go beyond the strictest industry specifications to guarantee you taste without artificial flavourings or colourings.
Prosain is a French brand of preserved fruit and cooked vegetables in jars, a pioneer in organic agriculture since 1968, offering healthy, high-quality recipes elaborated in the respect of Earth, people and taste, thanks to a local and traditional know-how.
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