Candy & Candied Fruit

Elaborated according to the traditional recipe, using only organic selected fresh fruit tenderloins. Of characteristic bright reddish-gold colour, it has a slightly rough texture. Its strong fruity and juicy flavour, makes it perfect for pairing with all cheeses, or any other sweet and salty recipe.

Characteristics: handmade. Elaborated with organic selected fresh fruit. Gluten Free. Additives and preservatives free.  Source of fibre. Free of GMOs. Rich in potassium.


Santa Teresa Gourmet
Santa Teresa Gourmet company was born in 1860 in Ávila, a small medieval town in the centre of Spain as a family-owned bakery named "La Flor de Castilla". Its first success was the "Yemas de Santa Teresa", little sweet egg-yolks that became famous all over the country.
In the 80’s Santa Teresa Gourmet began to produce its unique handmade QUINCE PASTE, elaborated in the traditional way, using only fresh fruit and with no additives or preservatives. Its quality, flavour and packaging innovations revolutionized the quince market.
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