This is a Balsamic Vinegar PGI from Modena that can be sliced on your dish. The raw material is our very high quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, without caramel and dyes, to which a small amount of agar-agar is added. It can be sliced, grated, chopped as desired. Its peculiar consistency, similar to that of a hard cheese, allows it to be used as desired, to garnish pasta dishes, aperitifs, vegetables, meat or fish dishes, shellfish, ice cream.

Saporalia is a young and agile company focused on exports of Italian Gourmet Food products; our products are developed by the small and medium artisans who are based in hidden small towns all over the Italian Country. We have >100 little laboratories working with us and producing the best artisanal, gourmet, and innovative food on the Italian Peninsula. Our small/medium laboratories are hidden in the small towns of our wonderful Country.
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