Royal Beluga Caviar |Beluga (Huso Huso) - It is an organic product, obtained in our own sturgeon farms, in environmentally friendly conditions.

Female moray eels are reared until their second maturation cycle, 21 years old. At this stage the eggs are large, with a firm texture and an aromatic and creamy content. Royal Caviar is a treat for even the most experienced consumers. That's why we breed sturgeon, without the use of hormones, antibiotics, drugs, pesticides, or heavy metals. All caviar products under our "Danube Caviar" brand are 100% natural and certified organic.

S.C Danube Research Consulting SRL
"Danube Caviar" represents the superior quality standard of caviar at the national and international level since 1993. During all this time we have exported caviar, processed in our own authorized laboratories, to companies from: US, UAE, Europe, Singapore, Japan, etc.
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