The coffee pod is a single roasted ground coffee portion, packaged with Compofilt® certified compostable filter paper and individually packaged in a protective atmosphere. Easy use and service, freshness and sustainability enclosed in a coffee pod. For a perfect espresso at home as well as the restaurant or at the café (when the barista is not there). Once ground, the coffee is enclosed in pods and packaged in a protective atmosphere to best preserve the aromas until the time of extraction. Good to know: this system, among the many advantages, requires minimal maintenance, reduces waste and it’s eco-friendly.

A further step forward with respect to the fundamental objective of product sustainability was made with the choice of Compofilt® compostable filter paper, a fabric made of 100% natural fibres, tested and certified to be thrown in the humid or buried directly in the plants in garden (it is known that coffee is an excellent contribution to the land of plants) after use, to help respect the environment and the health of consumers. Thus the pod, being composed of completely compostable materials, can become an excellent material for composting. Without any doubt about disposal. Unlike capsules which, being made up of plastic and/or aluminium parts and wet parts, cannot be recycled but must be thrown in the unsorted waste bin and are destined for landfills and incinerators (a single capsule pollutes much more than a package would do. empty of coffee thrown in the street).

SpecialCoffee srl
Since 1999, SpecialCoffee blends aroma, taste and crema for the perfect “made in Italia” espresso coffee. We are committed to quality from product origin, carefully researching and selecting raw materials, importing best coffees directly from origin Countries and, according with the Italian tradition, blending, slow roasting and air cooling. For a perfect espresso, naturally! Between tradition (enhancing the coffee’s natural qualities of taste and aroma) and innovation, sustainability and corporate responsibility (ethical, social, environmental). To provide a wide range of coffee blends in beans, grounds and pods. SpecialCoffee is passion for coffee proudly made with quality in Italia.
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