Made with love in our workshop in Lyon.
Our Organic Peanut butter* is Crunchy, super good, healthy and you will not find peanut butter like this anywhere else.
This product is Clean Label with only 1 ingredient – 100% Roasted Plain Peanuts.
Vegan, no preservatives, no lactose, no gluten, no additives.
* 100% organic product.


Sport’N Bio
In 2018, we created our family business in Lyon, aware of the need to fundamentally change the way we feed ourselves and take our part in the preservation of our planet.
In order to do that, we decided to create sweet and healthy products at the same time. We are transforming raw ingredients into two products: Chocolate spread and Peanut Butter and Raw energy Balls.
Our claim is simple: Tasty, Healthy and Simple. Our products are made with a Clean Label, only a few ingredients for each product.
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