The tin is sold with tea inside.
The tin is made with metal and has no plastic and no sticker. Every tin is painted by different layer of paint that gives a unique relief that has a sooth touch
The blend in this tea is based on a white tea flavoured with elderberries, pomegranate, and huckleberries. Those fruits associated with white tea create a strong flavour harmonize with the delicacy of white tea.

Thés Christine Dattner
Our brand is specialised in Tea. Under the direction of Christine Dattner a recognised specialist of tea in France and author of several books about tea, the brand is strong with innovative blends.
We have a will to sell tea of new taste at an affordable price and top quality.
Christine Dattner created every blend of our company with a unique touch and innovative flavouring. For instance we created an organic blend with a black tea base and ginger, carrot, beet root and curcuma.
Those creation have met a great success in both France and international especially in Korea.
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