A blend of black tea and pieces of ginger, carrot, beet root and curcuma. The blend has a strong ginger taste that is softened by the carrot and beet root. It creates a blend with a unique particularity and natural sugar that will be appreciate by all.
The Idea behind this blend was to use zero flavouring and to acquire a unique a sugary taste only with raw organic products. The colour of the infusion is unique due to the black tea base mixed with curcuma and beet root it creates a very clear and special colour.
This product is a loose tea that can be purchase by kilos.

Thés Christine Dattner
Our brand is specialised in Tea. Under the direction of Christine Dattner a recognised specialist of tea in France and author of several books about tea, the brand is strong with innovative blends.
We have a will to sell tea of new taste at an affordable price and top quality.
Christine Dattner created every blend of our company with a unique touch and innovative flavouring. For instance we created an organic blend with a black tea base and ginger, carrot, beet root and curcuma.
Those creation have met a great success in both France and international especially in Korea.
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