Candy & Candied Fruit

TinyBird BonsBecs are the first 100% natural candies, with organic fruits and superfoods.
In a BonsBecs we find:

  • 65% fruit from organic farming: apple juice, raspberry / lemon / pear depending on the recipe.
  • 25% sugar: organic cane sugar and fructose.
  • 5% organic superfoods: chia seeds / goji berries / flax seeds according to the recipe.
  • 5% vegetable gelling agents: fruit pectin, organic agar agar and organic starch for coating.

All for 110 kcal per package of 40g!


At TinyBird, we create healthy alternatives to highly processed products. Today, we offer a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional sweets. We have developed our products according to strict specifications in terms of ingredients and recipe: we do not use any artificial colouring, flavouring or any preservatives in our candies. We are combining fresh fruits and superfoods in a range of three tasty and healthy products! We have also developed a process ensuring a good conservation of our products with natural ingredients: organic lemon juice and fructose, a sugar naturally present in fruits.
We do not use any artificial flavouring, colouring or any preservatives.
Our last requirement: we manufacture our sweets ourselves, in France!
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