Dried organic chickpeas, grown only in our fields Marche Quality. Ideal for soups, broths and salads. To be left to soak for at least 24 hours and cook for at least 40 minutes. It’s possible to choose between different packs: 400g vacuum-sealed glass jar, 400 g paper bag and 1 kg paper bag. If necessary, it’s also possible to make packs of 5 kg.

Vallesina Bio di Andrea Laudazi
Vallesina Bio is the first Italian farm being Agriculture, Innovative and Benefit. Our farm is 150 hectares full organic, also certificated QM (Marche Quality) and #plasticfree. In fact, our packaging is full plastic free. We sell only products grown in our fields. We do delivery in our area with a full electric van. We are also an educational and social farm: we host a full time school of 30 kids from 4 to 11. As social we host 3 autistics guys and 2 persons in wheelchair.
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