BIO apple juice 95%, BIO sea buckthorn juice 5%.
1,43kg of apples and 0,07kg of sea buckthorn were used to produce 1l of the final product.

Natural sediment, shake your bottle!
EU agriculture

BIO apple and sea buckthorn juice.
Not from concentrate.
Naturally unclear.
Contains natural sugars.
The taste and the colour depend on the variety of fruits.
The sediment is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

Advantages and characteristics of juice for the health of the consumers:
100% pressed juice, not made from the concentrate.
Natural, without any add-ins.
Simple and clear list of the ingredients.
No added sugar.
No preservatives.
No ascorbic acid.
Natural source of the vitamins and fiber.
Naturally cloudy.
Suitable for vegans.
Shelf life 12 months thanks to the pasteurization.
Made in Poland.
Glass bottle.

ZPO Janusz Koza
We are a family company and we craft MOUNTAIN JUICE, 100% BIO pressed juice
Naturally, no add-ins or preservatives. From the orchards located on the highest grounds in Poland.
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