Honey & Bee Derived Products

Beefavo by Beesweet is the most natural and pure way to consume honey.
Honey is healthier when eaten straight from the honeycomb.
Nothing better than feeling wax honeycombs melting in the mouth, such as a candy. Consuming a honeycomb is the same as unchanged quality since it is as bee produced it.
As a natural product, it may react to climate changes, flora and fauna. Therefore, each crop of honey could suffer slight changes in the specification of honey.

Beefavo Benefits

The honeycombs are wax structures, divided in several alveoli. The honeycombs are used to save honey. Whoever tries it, will taste honey in a pure way. Cut the honeycomb, chew it, taste it and reject the wax. It has all the main amino acids and vitamins, besides the powerful and essential enzymes to our body.


Honey; beewax. The natural ingredients that compose it are water, pollen, fructose, glucose, organic acids, proteins, vitamins and enzymes.

Beesweet – More Than Honey, Lda
"From a family heritage, born a passion for bees, honey and innovation…
With constant innovation, quality, a unique concept and a personal touch, this is Beesweet - "More than honey".
 Different flavours, incredible tastes and sensations allow you to enjoy a unique experience.
 Through our honey, you will know its sweetness, its different flavours, its authenticity, our history and our love for bees.
Our company is committed to innovate with the flavours, the image, the sustainability, the packaging and the different ways of use and consuming honey.
 Nowadays, consumers are more and more interested in healthy and natural products. Beesweet Honey is a natural and organic sweet food, with BIO Certificate, flavoured with aromatic plants, considered healthier than other honeys. It contains several ingredients, such as vitamins, natural enzymes and minerals.
 This is why we want to convey our know-how, our new flavours and our convictions for the protection of bees, which now roam 12 countries around the world.
 We bring Portuguese's taste to the world… through our honey products."
Because Beesweet is More Than Honey!
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