1L NFC Organic Apple Peach Apricot Juice from Occitania
Eager to support a "meaningful" agriculture, this juice comes from fruits, 100% grown in the Occitania region. They are flash-pasteurized and packaged in our cooperative. This product participates in the development of the brand « Sud de France », which gathers the best producers of southern
A modern and ecological brick (FSC paper).
All the goodness and flavours of natural juice sugar, colouring and preservative free.
Convenient packaging with a secure and reliable pouring cap. An environmentally friendly packaging made with FSC paper. This packaging contributes to the protection of the forests worldwide.

Leader for 3L Bag packaging, Inno’vo is a company specialised in producing and selling organic fruit juices and alcohol-free cocktails
Sustainable environment friendly, the company Inno’Vo has a eco-conception’s policy. We use eco-friendly packaging for our products, which have a lower carbon footprint: Bag Innov®, Tetra Prisma® bricks.
During the making of each recipe, the Research & Development team at Inno’Vo make sure that they are selecting the best ingredients: pure juice, organic products, without artificial colouring or preservatives. The products are controlled with norms and certifications which are renewed every year.
Inno’Vo decided to support local producers for their products. Some of them (bananas and mango) are selected from Fair Trade, essential resource for employment and income for thousands of families.
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