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UrbanFood -  functional RAW products, such as a variety of berries, vegetables, herbs, seeds powder, and their mixes. It is a blend of European "super-food" and "fast food". These products are innovative and have the highest quality and enhanced functionality, developed in collaboration with scientists.
Lithuania - Dotnuva
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VARIETTE enhances the taste of cultivated Biodiversity by using mainly heritage and organic cultures, from heirloom seeds.
France - Gimont
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By offering products made of certified organic ingredients and fulfilling the international food standard requirements we do our best to contribute to a healthier life in a sustainable environment. Our IFS Food and BRC Food certification are performed by the Bureau Veritas certification body. Both standards are accredited, which means they fully meet current quality and food safety requirements.
Hungary - Ercsi
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Located in Valencia (Spain), the Chufas industry hub in Europe, over decades, we have developed an extensive experience in the cultivation, harvesting, processing, drying and distribution of Organic Chufas (tigernuts) and their products like: flour, oil, peeled, flakes crunchy, etc.
Spain - Albalat dels Sorells
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Saporalia is a young and agile company focused on exports of Italian Gourmet Food products; our products are developed by the small and medium artisans who are based in hidden small towns all over the Italian Country. We have >100 little laboratories working with us and producing the best artisanal, gourmet, and innovative food on the Italian Peninsula. Our small/medium laboratories are hidden in the small towns of our wonderful Country.
Italy - Seregno
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Eirini Plomariou
Dedicated to organic farming, we are working in the production of excellent quality organic products with a claim to health and with special taste characteristics. In every bottle of liquid gold of our earth, you will discover notes of bitter almond, wild artichoke and oregano. Each of them is certified by the World Olive Center for high health (phenolic characteristics).
Greece - Plomari
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Bodegas Comenge
Bodegas Comenge is a family-owned, limited production winery in the Ribera del Duero and was founded in 1999. All of our grapes are 100% estate-owned and are grown sustainably. We are organic certified by the eu 2015. Our natural, unique and patented wine making process was developed together with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and includes a triple selection process that is designed to naturally enhance the quality and character of our principal grape variety, Tempranillo.
Spain - Camino del Castillo
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ZЕТ 1 Ltd is a family-run business offering a fine selection of honey, royal jelly, bee pollen,perga (or bee bread) and propolis to both retailers and wholesalers. 
Bulgaria - Varna
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Birkengold GmbH was founded in 2011 and is owner-managed. It is the xylitol market leader in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We deliver private label products to many countries in the European Union. We have a unique, broad range of food and dental care products with Xylitol. Birkengold is a young team, including two nutritionists.
Austria - Hofstetten
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Industrias Del Bierzo
IBSA started in 1974 manufacturing roasted peppers and tomato sauces. Nowadays we have a wide range of products. The biggest features of our organization are: we do not use preservatives, either colourings and all our products are gluten free. 
Spain - Carracedelo