Sectors - Honey and Other Animal Foods
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Wildflower honey
Produced during June and July from the colourful mountain meadows at and altitude that start from 1000 meters till 1800 meters above the sea.
We have two different type of wildflower honey coming from two different valley of our region, in fact they have different flavours and even different colours.
Strong taste and aroma due to the many nectars’ flowers, that's why this is a very rich and complete honey. They have a normal crystallization.
Nº 88 Fire
Excellent quality honey with an unprecedented flavour, never savoured before, that will last for a lifetime. It is a honey with a lighter tonality, with a spicy taste that transports us to warmer world, experiencing scorching experiences. As a natural product, it may react to climate changes, flora and fauna. Therefore, each crop of honey could suffer slight changes in the specification of honey.
Acacia Honey
Despite its sweetness, acacia honey has a very low sucrose content and a high fructose level, therefore it is the best choice for diabetics. It is also known for its therapeutic qualities because it cleanses the liver, conditions the intestines, and it is beneficial for the respiratory system due to antibacterial properties.
Organic Rose honey 250g
Rose honey is a combination of white honey and rose oil. Rose oil is produced via steam distillation of fresh rose petals. Enjoy the taste and aroma of 3 rose blossoms in a 230 gr jar. Rose oil is considered to improve digestion and detoxify the lungs and gall. Rose honey goes well with yoghurt, fresh fruits and cereal.
Honeydew Honey
Honeydew honey is useful for upper respiratory tract diseases and in the case of lowered immunity. It supports the treatment of rheumatic, skin and nervous diseases. 
Rape Honey
Rape honey is a less sweet honey but with a specific, unmistakable smell. It quickly crystallizes in a few days after being extracted, being very rich in glucose. It has a pale yellow to white color. 
MultiFlower Honey
Multiflower honey is used as a remedy to treat allergies since it contains pollens that act as antigens.
It is particularly applicable in respiratory allergic diseases such as asthma or a hay fever. It has a high content of silicon, an element necessary for the proper functioning of the circulatory system. It is also helpful with the renewal of skin, hair and bones
Organic White honey 250g
White honey’s structure makes it an excellent toast spread option. The produce is gathered in the summer, in the foot of the mountains in Eastern Bulgaria where you’ll find a wide variety of herbs and trees. White honey is perfect for pancakes, porridge, shakes, smoothies, and other breakfast food.
Organic Polyflora Honey
We produce our BIO honey in the highest quality with dedication.
Organic Flower honey 250g
Flower Honey is a preferred choice for a lot of customers. It is yellow to amber in colour, and has a rich flower scent. The produce is collected in the summer months from a wide range of flowers. It is suitable for cooking a variety of every-day meals.