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Sicilian almonds natural or toasted
Sicilian almonds are highly appreciated for their sweetness and intense aroma. They are well-known for having extraordinary organoleptic properties, being particularly rich in calcium, iron and vitamin E.
Chufa Horchatero Valencia
Chufas (tigernuts) are standard-sized, brown, rough, whole and dry tubers, which have been carefully selected and calibrated. They are specially designed for the production of horchata and vegetable drinks. 
Natural Shelled Pistachios
Natural shelled pistachios. Salt-free and not roasted.
Bioterra almonds
Organic and conventional almonds, blanched almonds, roasted, roasted and salted, almond with paprika, almonds with sweet paprika, almond flour, slices, sticks and dices.
All products come direct from farmers.
Bioterra roasted almonds with cacao
Organic almonds with dark cacao 93% pure. Roasted almond with white cacao and coco. Roasted almond with cacao and cinnamon.
Brazil Nut Broken
BRAZIL NUT BROKEN (size 1,2,5) are a derived product from Brazil nuts. Due to a contain of selenium, fatty acids, vitamins and other trace elements is this ingredients very healthy. SELENIUM rejuvenates cells, has an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts immunity. 

BROKEN Brazil nuts are perfect for muesli mixes, fillings or as a sprinkle as there is no granular convection. 
Brazil nuts are a sustainable food as they grow in the wild and by trading them you are directly protecting the Amazon rainforest.
Peeled Chufa
Chufas (tigernuts) are mechanically peeled. They have a smooth texture. Especially suitable for direct consumption as a snack or use in confectionery.