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Trapanese Pesto Sauce
Typical Sicilian pesto made exclusively from tomatoes, fresh basil and almonds from Avola.
Use: Typical Sicilian pesto to use principally for a good complete plate of pasta especially spaghetti or for imaginative bruschetta or over mini crostinis. A fantastic marinade for chicken and vegetarian dishes.
Indian Sauce
Tasty curry sauce: a surprising pleasure!
Excellence features
Biobontà® classic mayonnaise’s delicate flavour and its pleasantly creamy texture is enriched by an intense and extraordinary taste of curry. The result is a vibrant and harmonious sauce that will give your taste buds new delightful sensations of taste leaving you speechless!
Food combination
It combines well with white and red meats along with boiled eggs. It is also perfect to dress chicken and cold rice salads.
Spicy Ketchup
Pleasantly hot and spicy: an appetizing flavour!
Excellence features
A tiny hint of chili pepper makes this ketchup unique in its kind.
Produced only with the best Italian tomato pulp, a rich mixture of spices and a balanced amount of chili pepper, Biobontà® spicy ketchup has a slow and delicate temperature cooking process preserving the unaltered exceptional flavours of its main ingredients.
Food combination
It perfectly combines with red meats, burgers, seitan, and potatoes.
Organic monovarietal tomato sauces
Organic and heirloom tomato monovarietal sauces: 9 MONOVARIETAL TOMATO SAUCES (oxheart tomato, green zebra tomato, brandy wine tomato…)
Rare, original, colored and very tasty tomato natural sauces 
95% of monovarietal tomato
2% french extra olive oil 
a pinch of garlic, salt and brown fair sugar 
Natural ingredients 
craft produced in south west of France 
Truffle Powder
This truffle dressing in powder is ideal for finishing many dishes. Versatile and ready to use, it enhances and enriches any plate with its supreme taste of truffles. It is extremely requested by Consumers and Catering Professionals. We recommend the use of a light sprinkling of this seasoning directly at the end of cooking and/or on the prepared dish. Try this easy-to-use dressing in your upcoming meals, just a "covering" before serving, to add authentic flavors to your dishes.
Marinade for fish
Our marinades are for adding zest to dishes cooked on the grill, roasted or pan fried.
Pick up your brush and let loose your imagination! It will make you feel like an artist at work on a piece of fish in no time. A touch of crushed dried fruits, a dash of spices, an explosion of colours, appetising contours of olive oil which perfectly covers the subject.
CONTEMPEHRARY Condiment #01 - Bean Sauce
We call this CONTEMPEHRARY CONDIMENT #01. It is one of a kind - a truly unique type of Nordic bean sauce, made from small organic Danish fava beans (free from gluten).