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Organic Breadsticks Shiitake & Turmeric
Wholemeal breadsticks with extra-virgin olive oil, Shiitake mushroom and turmeric. 100% wholegrain spelt.
Organic Coconut Bars
Biopont Coco Love coconut bar is a clean label snack - made of 100% natural, organic ingredients - a real delicacy for gluten- and lactose sensitives as well as for vegans. The product is soy-free and does not contain artificial preservatives or coloring agents. The sweet taste is provided by the rice syrup. Discover them all: Coconut bar, Coconut bar with cocoa and Coconut bar with cranberries. Shelf life: 12 months.
Organic Lentil Snacks
Vegan and organic crunchy lentil snacks, available with roasted peanuts, onion and pepper or in a lightly salted version. Lentil is worth incorporating into our diet, because its fiber content is significant, therefore it can contribute to the proper functioning of digestion and is an excellent source of protein. The product is gluten-free, so those suffering from coeliac disease can also consume it. Shelf life: 7-10 months.
Organic Breadsticks with Shiitake covered by Dark chocolate 80%
Wholemeal breadsticks with Shiitake, covered with dark chocolate cocoa minimum 80%.
Organic corn flips for children
Tasty crisp organic puffed maize, delicious, gluten-free and vegan!
Organic potato chips truffle flavour
Organic Wholemeal Biscuits Shiitake & Apple & Turmeric
Wholemeal vegan biscuits with Shiitake & turmeric & apple, sweetened only with coconut sugar and without yeast. 100% whole wheat.
Salty Sticks
Happylife salty sticks are made from high-quality organic ingredients. They are without preservatives, colourants or any additives.
Organic potato chips in extra virgin olive oil