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Rice Ice Cream
A rice ice-cream mixture designed to turn the treat into a daily pleasure to be enjoyed with self-love and respect for the environment thanks to the careful selection of quality ingredients and the desire to give wellness with taste. Our ice cream mixture has ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS: rice drink, rice syrup, Carob flour.
Pistachio Cream in brick
Try to think of a lactose-free and naturally gluten-free product, with unique taste and creaminess without needing a slushing machine to prepare it. No more problems with consumption and repairs due to the slushing machine, with considerable savings in cost, space and time, as you no longer need to clean any equipment! Our creams are immediately ready to use and creamy to pour directly from the UHT Brick to the glass. Perfect to enjoy alone or as an ingredient for desserts.
GelatoMadre 100% Clean Label pistacchio ice cream
With PDO Green Pistachio from Bronte.
As an Italian protected designation of origin (PDO) product, the P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte, the "green gold", is cultivated in small volcanic soils in the municipalities of Bronte, Adrano and Biancavilla on the sunny island of Sicily, with an extremely limited production. Bronte pistachios are known for their characteristic flavour, bright green colour, and unique organoleptic properties that are intimately linked to their place of origin.
The Pistachio Gelato is prepared with the P.D.O. Green Pistachio from Bronte paste that gives the product an intense aroma and its natural and typical grey green colour. It is decorated by hand with PDO Green Pistachio Bronte grains)
A simple but delicious product, made only with 6 ingredients.
This product obtained from DNV-GL the ISO 22005 certificate, which guarantees the origin of the raw materials.
Siviero Maria 100% organic chocolate ice cream
Siviero Maria Bio Organic is a Gelato range made with 100% organic ingredients, packed in an innovative and exclusive 100% compostable tub.
The Chocolate Gelato, with its intense and enveloping flavour, is a unique product, made with 10% chocolate, fresh whole milk and cream.
It is flavourings, colourings, thickeners, emulsifiers, GMO and gluten free.
As we are committed to finding packaging and product innovations that create mutual benefit for both consumers and planet, we selected this innovative tub made from bagasse, the sugarcane fibre waste left after juice extraction: a packaging that is not only compostable and recyclable with paper, but also derived from waste material.
Size: 450ml – 300g
Other flavours available: strawberry, vanilla, stracciatella, hazelnut.