100% Sicilian Ancient Grain Semolina Pasta. Porous surface, achieved through bronze extrusion. Tough structure due to the quality of our semolina. Slowly dried at low temperatures. The Grani Antichi Donna Itriya line is made from a blend of Russello and Perciasacchi grains from organic farming. The wheat has found in the island the environmental conditions to thrive in over fifty specific local varieties. The lower gluten content in ancient Sicilian grains makes all the products derived from them lighter, more digestible, and easier to assimilate, with a lower likelihood of developing increasingly common intolerances, probably due to excessive consumption of modern wheat. Ancient grains, precisely because they are indigenous, are very resilient and grow spontaneously without the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides. COOKING TIME – 10 minutes for al dente NET WEIGHT – 500 g.

Tria Srl
The Donna itriya pasta is made with 100% Sicilian wheat, a precious gift of this incredible land of ours, kneaded with pure water, drawn to bronze and finally dried with the patience of those who have always made the pasta and with the breeze that comes from the sea. Talking about the drying process takes places in static cells with long times at low temperature in order to not alter the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the product, following the tradition of processing according to the artisan method.
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