INNOVATION DAY webinar: "Semiconductor Research and Innovation: EU, India and Japan Perspectives"

November 22 2023

Event  Objectives

As the impact of digital on lives and businesses has accelerated, the semiconductor markets have boomed. Amid megatrends that include remote working, the growth of AI, and soaring demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers and designers now take stock and try to ensure that they are best placed to reap the rewards. The outlook for the semiconductor industry seems bright, notwithstanding the changing global economic and geopolitical prognosis. With growth set to continue in the longer term, the task for government organizations, industry leaders and funding agencies will be to focus strategically on R&D, factories, and sourcing and to unlock areas of opportunity. With the European Chips Act of 2023, the EU will address semiconductor shortages and strengthen Europe’s technological leadership.

The 2023 Innovation Day event will be the first of its kind with an EU-India-Japan dimension, aiming at presenting notable projects and initiatives from all sides in the field of semiconductors and covering some of the recent collaboration developments, as well.

About the EU-Japan Collaboration on Semiconductors

In mid-2023, the EU and Japan signed an MoU to facilitate collaborative research and development programmes. They proposed this cooperation with the support of the Chips Joint Undertaking on the EU side and under Japan’s relevant system on the Japanese side. The forthcoming research and development cooperation for semiconductors aims at facilitating the participation from universities, research and technology organisations, key industry actors and other relevant stakeholders. In addition, they plan to establish in-depth cooperation to promote advanced skills for the semiconductor industry, organising exchange workshops on skills for semiconductors, with a view to promote joint EU-Japan skills-building initiatives in fields of mutual benefit and interest.

About the India-Japan Collaboration on Semiconductors

Similarly to the above, “the Japan-India Semiconductor Supply Chain Partnership” was concluded this year with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the two countries and reinforce the resilience of the semiconductor supply chain. As a follow-up, they will start a policy dialogue to promote cooperation in semiconductors, hydrogen fuel and other advanced fields. They will also invest in areas where they are strong, such as technology and materials development or in training professionals, with the goal of building an optimal supply chain.

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