This orange wine is vinified in one of the Georgian kvevris installed at the winery. All our grapes are manually selected and harvested. For these kvevri wines mostly Riesling and Pinot Blanc are used. After harvesting the grapes are destemmed. Skin maceration takes place during 1 to 5 months. The wine then ages in the kvevri for 1 to 5 more months on lees.
This orange wine reveals at first the typical citrus notes of a grape variety. Plunging deeper into what this orange wine has to offer, a rare complexity and elegance are uncovered. A "Kox Coup de coeur"!

Domaine L&R Kox
The first traces of the Kox family's ancestors date back to 1680 with the immigration of the Coex, Dutch people from Bergeijk. The family name was subsequently changed from Coex, to Cox, and finally to Kox. Historical records registered the Kox family as owners of vineyards in 1848. In 1908, Joseph Kox-Tabouring, the grandfather of the current owner, bought plot 317 at a place called "Groussebongert". In 1909 he built the Kox estate (winery and stables). In 1964, François Kox-Risch, the father of the current owner, bought the estate. He was the first member of the family to make winegrowing his profession. In 1977, Laurent Kox, the son of François took over the winery. The first Crémant de Luxembourg produced by the Kox winery was in 1991. Since then, Laurent Kox has specialized in high quality sparkling wines. In July 2014 the daughter of Corinne Kox installed two amphora-shaped clay vessels produced in Georgia (kvevris) and vinified the first orange wines made in Luxembourg.
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