The Goat Cheese Los Cameros (P.D.O. Queso Camerano) is a combination of all the flavour and all the tradition of our ancestors, together with the careful processing demanded by a Signature Cheese. The result is a full flavoured, highly intense and slightly lactic cheese with a pronounced aroma derived from natural curing.  Under the signature of Francisco Javier Martínez, a Master Cheesemaker, we are proud to present the revival of this centuries-old recipe for the goat cheese which was formerly made in La Rioja.
The development of affinage molds and the olive oil baths gives the perfect aroma and the colour achieved on maturity.
It is a full flavoured, highly intense and slightly lactic cheese, with a pronounced aroma and natural maturing, with an off-white colour and firm and crumbly texture. The characteristic rind is finely marked by the woven cheese-making basket.
With this cheese we invite you to savour the gastronomic heritage of La Rioja.

Lácteos Martínez – Queso Los Cameros
Lácteos Martínez- Queso Los Cameros is a medium-size family company founded in 1961 and located in the north of Spain in Haro (La Rioja). Currently we are producing 2 million kg of cheese per year and exporting successfully up to 20 countries.
As you can see in our web sites, we have a wide range of natural rind cheeses. We let moulds develop on the surface of the cheeses and rub them with olive oil baths.
We also have PDO Camerano goat cheeses and PDO Manchego sheep cheeses.
In addition, we produce some very special Extra-Virgin Olive Oils (Royuela and Arbequina).
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