Beans and bean-processed foods

Medium size lentil, between 5 and 7 mm and a light-green color. Sometimes mottled. It has an exquisite taste, very soft texture, a barely noticeable skin.

These Lentils stands above the others for its greater richness in protein, fibre and iron. Its fine and uniform texture and the softness of its skin, which seems almost nonexistent are characteristic.

They are traditionally used in different kinds of soups and stews, mostly combined with various meats and vegetables.

They have the Protected Geographical Indication “Lenteja de la Armuna”. The lentils are grown on the certified parcels by registered farmers who respect all the rules and regulations for growing these lentils.

It is advisable to keep these lentils to soak at least 8 hours before cooking.


Legumbres Montes
Legumbres Montes is a Spanish company founded in 1956 specialized in top quality pulses. We are located in the region of Spain with greater production and variety of chickpeas, lentils and beans.
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