A premium, extra virgin olive oil of limited production, characterized by a bright green color and a fruity fresh aroma with notes of cut grass, olive leaf and tomato plant, along with a medium tense pungent and bitter flavor. 
In Archetypon we sealed the labor of our people and the artisanal knowledge of perennial experience, along with our passion for detail and high end quality.

Our centuries old, monovarietal, family estate of Koroneiki olive trees has always been organically cultivated, guided by our people’s love and endless respect of nature. Early harvest and good practices at all stages of production ensures a well balanced extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity, excellent organoleptic characteristics and a high percentage of phenols for which it holds a health claim.
It is therefore a health-protective product aiming at the same time to satisfy the most demanding palates. 
Pure and unique, it travels one's senses to the southern landscapes of Greece.

We are happy to invite you to the celebration of the new harvest.
Share a place at our family table. We welcome you!

Olive Groves Archetypon
The Greek South. Messinia. An immense olive grove spreads across the province stretching to the sea, the only natural limit that seems to be able to contain its spread. 
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