140 g.
Black Label is our tastiest cheese. It is a soft-paste organic goat cheese with an edible, bloomy rind.
We produce it daily with our goats’ pasteurised milk and specially selected lactic cultures.
Its outside is pure white; in the inside, its texture is rich and chalky. It delivers a long aftertaste that is only slightly goaty, making it our bestseller.
Black Label is also an elegant cheese: it is wrapped in white paper and packed in a beautifully engraved wooden box, which makes it almost a luxury item.

Santa Gadea
Santa Gadea is a 100% sustainable, organic farm in Northern Spain.
We manage our own unique organic flock of 1500 alpine goats, which have the highest possible health degree (we have even eradicated the goat virus “CAEV”).
The goats feed on our own crops, which we enrich by applying to the goat manure our fermentative biotechnology (the concept of this biotech was originally invented in Japan by Dr. Teruo Higa).
The organic milk we obtain from our own goats is therefore farmstead, and we use it to produce:
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