Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Paphos
Varietal Composition: Xinisteri 100%.
Vineyard: Blend of vineyards on both VSP and Goblet at Paphos Region.
Altitude: 400 - 450m
Soil: Silt loamy soil.
Vinification: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low T °C. Battonage applied for 3 months.
Colour: Yellow with green hints.
Nose: Citrus and green fruits of lemon zest, pear and gooseberry.
Palate: Fruity, elegant, well-structured, round middle palate and refreshing finish.
Serving Suggestions: Enjoy it with light spicy sauces, white meat, Fish dishes or as a refreshing aperitif.
Best serve at 8 degrees Celsius.

Tsangarides Cyprus Winery
The Tsangarides winery is the next generation of Cypriot wines. Our avowed philosophy is to blend old school traditions with new school style. Our youth, energy, and passion coupled with the distinct sense of place that wine brings to our lives, allow us to produce wines of great character, and distinction. The wine scene in Cyprus is now flourishing and we are extremely proud to be considered as one of the key wineries at the leading edge of this long-awaited revival of our countries wine industry. The Tsangarides winery is situated in the lovely old village of Lemona. It is here our great-great-grandfather prepared the land and planted out the first vineyards, tending and nurturing the fruit of the vine in much the same way as his descendants do today. Then, the wine made was primarily for domestic consumption, but slowly, over decades the accumulated knowledge gleaned from travel and education via foreign winemakers has resulted in the wines being acclaimed as one of the best examples of a boutique winery supplying consistently high-quality wines for the table.
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