3 delicious organic hummus 
Organic and heirloom black chick peas with cumin
Organic and heirloom white chick peas hummus with espelette pepper
Organic and heirloom multicolor lentils hummus with mixed coriander seeds 

Variety of small organic black and white chickpeas, lentils, riches in flavour and fibre, cultivated in South of France in keeping with  biodiversity and environmental norms (organic agriculture, plant canopies, poorly worked soils, Agroforestry)

Simple and natural recipies craft produced in South of France
Smooth mixture, olive oil, sunflower oil lemon, and spices !

Simply spread on a piece of bread or in a sandwich.

VARIETTE enhances the taste of cultivated Biodiversity by using mainly heritage and organic cultures, from heirloom seeds.
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