This wine is the result of the innovative practices implemented at the vineyards and wineries run by the family of vine-growers and winemakers for more sustainable, organic cultivation, with a strong focus on environmentally respectful viticulture.
Finca Antigua Orgánico 2017 is made from Syrah and Garnacha grapes from the earliest harvest in the history of Finca Antigua, unusually kicking off on 10 August in a really warm summer with the grapes perfectly ripe. From then on, until early September, temperatures remained high, which resulted in a wine with a Mediterranean character – quite unusual for the wines made in this estate. It is a fine, medium acid wine that exhibits subtle tannins and a gentle phenolic presence. It is best to open it within ten years at the longest.

Familia Martínez Bujanda, S.L.
After 130 years of winegrowing history, the fourth and fifth generation are still leading a project comprising five cellars: Finca Antigua (where we've been working in eco-friendly since 2018), Finca Valpiedra (eco since 2021), Finca Montepedroso, Viña Bujanda (with a plot of 7 ha. to make our organic wine) and Cosecheros y Criadores also with ecological wines. These cellars, despite being very different amongst them, have a common ground: the elaboration of wines which outlive any trends, produced from personal vineyards located at privileged enclaves in the designations of origin La Rioja, La Mancha and Rueda. For many years at Familia Martínez Bujanda, are striving to adopt strategies and systems which can produce a positive environmental impact. A clear example of all this is Finca Antigua: The winery’s use of nanotechnology to influence crops. The production of wines with zero residues of phytosanitary elements and heavy metals. Use of artificial grass on their vineyards to save water and put faith in energy efficiency with the self-supply photovoltaic installation.
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