Biscuits & Cookies

Baby biscuits from 4th month, gluten-free, milk-free, egg-free, palm oil-free, no nuts, no preservatives, vegan.

Lo Bello Fosfovit Srl
Lo Bello Fosfovit is an Italian company specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of dietary products especially for babies since the beginning of 1900. 
Fosfovit baby biscuits enriched with minerals and vitamins have been among the first dietary products to be authorized in Italy. Even if facing a market operated mainly by multinational companies, Lo Bello Fosfovit has preferred keeping and consolidating its Italian identity, reaching excellent results both in national and international markets. 
Today thanks to the experience and continuous innovation, Lo Bello Fosfovit has developed special product lines meant to meet the needs of the little ones and all those who need healthy and balanced food in their diet.
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