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Teff Flakes
Teff is an ancient grain considered to be a superfood because of its multiple health benefits. Although it is still unknown to most people, Teff’s origin is believed to have taken place more than 5000 years ago in Ethiopia, where it is nowadays a staple food. Among its wonderful properties, the absence of gluten in its natural form and the high content of healthy minerals, fiber and essential amino acids can be highlighted.
Organic Buckwheat
Organic Buckwheat 500g. Ingredient – organic buckwheat 100%.
Buckwheat plant is distinguished by its beneficial properties for health, therefore, it is grown and appreciated all over the world. Buckwheat is source of protein, vitamins, minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc, fluorine, molybdenum, cobalt, B group vitamins, folate, vitamins PP and E.), amino acids, fibre, and such antioxidants as rutin, tannin, and catechin that are called “superfood”. Dieticians and nutrition experts recommend starting a day healthy by eating a bowl of nutrition porridge for breakfasts and because of this, buckwheat groats is perfect for a good start of a day.
Biorina buckwheat is grown naturally without fertilizers in ecological Lithuanian farms and buckwheat processing is performed at a modern factory that employs the highest technologies of production. Our organic buckwheat has a soft texture and subtle taste. If you constantly eat buckwheat, it will help to maintain good activity of your heart; as well as people who have sugar diabetes or complain of digestive troubles can eat these groats. Ecological BIORINA buckwheat is good for people who do not tolerate gluten. They can replace vegetables or rice in soups and stews. Also, it is delicious to add buckwheat into salad and cocktails.
Prepare healthy breakfasts, delicious lunch and light and nutritious dinner using ecological BIORINA buckwheat groats and be happy for your healthy and energetic body.
BIO Corn Grits
BIO, Gluten-Free, Polish origin CORN GRITS - dedicated for corn flakes production or corn cakes. Very special raw material dedicated to extrusion and popping technology are very famous in the food industry among snack producers. The product is available in BIO and Baby-Food quality for the special request.